Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY: Spring Bird Nest

We have hardly had a winter this season and spring is fast approaching. We have decided to spruce up the classroom and make a few spring crafts. Starting with these cute Bird Nest to decorate our plain white walls. I free hand cut all the pieces but store bought pre-cut birds or even a die cut bird will work.
All you need:
-Construction paper(recycled our Painted Paper)
-googly eyes
-green crayon
-basket and bag shred( I found mine at the dollar store, you can also use strips of brown paper bag crumple up.)
Template #1: Branches
Template #2 Birds, leafs, & wings.

To cut multiple leaves at a time...fold a piece of construction paper in half (2), then half again (4) and fold in half once more (8). Trace a leaf outline and cut out. Now you have 8 leaves. With one 9x12 paper you can make about 16 leaves this size. Using a green crayon draw some vein on the leaves. 
All pieces and supplies ready.

Glue to branches onto light blue 12x 18. One on each side.

Add as many leaves as you want to both branches.

Add your birds. We put two on one branch and one on the other one. The two birds together will be inside the nest.

Add a bit of glue and press some basket/bag shred. You might need to staple it to keep it from falling off or add more glue.  All you have to do now is add a couple clouds out of white paper and you are done.

Here are some of ours all finished.

Have fun crafting!

How to: Painted Texture Paper
My kiddos love to paint anything and everything. I let them paint all the paper they want and then we recycle it in other crafts.  You can use your fingers or simply use a bunched up paper towel to stipple on paint of various colors onto contrasting construction paper. 

All you need:
-Construction Paper 
-Washable Finger Paints
 -Paper Towel
 Now all you have to do is crumple the paper towel and using a stippling motion apply paint to paper  until you are satisfied. Do one color at time and let completely dry before using paper for crafts. 

Here is a sample of one we made for a Bird Nest Craft.
Have fun crafting!