Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Wreck This Journal


I have hoped on the Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith wagon. I got it as a Christmas gift from my sister and decided to post pages as I complete them. Most of them are in random order and below will be a table of contest/ Index of the pages I have done so far. The purpose of this journal is to be creative and have fun. Feel free to take inspiration from it and create your own journal.

Table of Contents:

Pg. 0-1 Materials/ Add Your Own Page Numbers

Pg. 2-3 Crack the Spine/ Leave this Page Blank

Pg. 6-7  Pour, Spill, drip, Spit, fling Your Coffee Here.

Pg.14-15 Color This Entire Page.

Pg.32-33 Fill this Page with Circles.

Pg.34-35 Document your Dinner.

Pg. 39 Crumple

Pg. 40-43 Make a Funnel/ Paper Airplane   

Pg. 48-49 Write One Word Over and Over.

Pg. 60-61 Place Sticky Things Here.  

Pg. 80-81  Drip Something Here.

Pg. 86-87 A Place for Your Grocery Lists.  

Pg. 92-93 Cover This Page with White Things 

Pg. 126-127 Trace Your Hand. 

Pg. 136-137 Deface.  

Pg. 156-157 A Page of Four-Letter Words.  

Pg. 158-159 Glue in a Page from a Magazine. Circle Words you Like. 

Pg. 165 .drawkcab etirW (Write backward.)  

Pg. 172-173 Hide a Secret Message Somewhere in This Book.  

Pg. 180-181 Stain Log. 

Pg. 183 Doodle Over Top of This Page.  

Pg. 190-191 Collect Dead Bugs Here.  



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